Why, from 2022, will most homeowners around the world choose a new photovoltaic system to achieve energy independence? The answer is simple. The latest generation photovoltaic systems offer you more than a simple purchase: Savings over time!

Each module (also called solar panel) on the roof or facade is connected to a power optimizer which transforms it into a Smart module, (controllable in real time via smartphone app) Working together with the high efficiency inverters, they collect the maximum amount of energy as possible, regardless of shading, dirt and other factors, to provide your home with more electricity over the life of the system.

Why integrate a battery?

Store excess solar energy for use when you need it, in the evening and during peak electricity consumption in your home. Once the battery charge has been guaranteed, all the electricity produced in excess is sold directly to the electricity manager, guaranteeing a further economic advantage that will last for the entire life of the photovoltaic system. The complete package includes:

- High efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic modules

- Up to 80% more energy self-sufficiency

- System positioning also on the facade as well as on the roof

- Integrated plant monitoring

- Bureaucracy management at our expense

- Installation included in the price

Ask for a free quote, and we'll show you how much you'll save with a top product that guarantees a 30-year warranty by default!

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