MPM WALL.01 - Equitone Tectiva 1

Aluminium office walls

Aluminium office walls in Padova

MPM Marinaci Project launches the new MPM Wall.01 line specifically for office wall systems.

Our office walls in 100% aluminium alloy are modern, elegant, versatile and environment-friendly. They can be dismantled and completely reused. This produce is intended for a more and more demanding globalised market, on which our service stands out for its constant innovation and completeness of offering. In fact, we deliver:

  • On-site survey of customer’s offices
  • Wall design, also using customer’s CAD drawing
  • Space optimisation
  • Wall development and engineering
  • Personalisation with coloured inserts, doors and windows, showcases, etc.
  • Product installation

Come and pay us a visit to learn more and to view our products in the new showroom.

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