Ventilated facades in general

14 May 2018

MPM Marinaci Project Srl specialises in the design/production and installation of ventilated facades. In this specific section, we will discuss these in more depth.

First of all, for people not familiar with the term, as its name suggests a ventilated facade is a combination of different components made of different materials, which are connected together and are normally installed vertically and always on outside walls of any kind. On the building scene, the application of a ventilated facade has great potentials and a wide spectrum of use. To give just a few examples:

  1. A renewed, forward-looking corporate image.
  2. Impressive economic savings due to the building’s upgraded energy efficiency etc.
  3. Considerable improvement in the building’s energy performances, of up to 3 energy classes with some specific measures, and with no invasive building works.
  4. Renovation of residential and industrial buildings with state incentives covering up to 65% of costs.

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