The ventilated facades,

16 February 2021

The ventilated facades,

never talked about it as in this period, but in reality what is this much used and popular title in recent times:

Let's do some clarity, in terms accessible to all given our specialization in the field:

The realization of this artifact can be divided into 3 macro areas that we indicate below:

  1. The first fundamental component in a ventilated facade refers to all those external exposed materials that make up the cladding of a wall, which are varied, among which I mention some such as aluminum, steel, aluminum included stac bond, fiber cement, HPL, EPS etc.
  2. The second component is the insulation behind the facade which can be made of different materials, such as rock wool, glass wool, cork, EPS or XPS.
  3. the 3rd fundamental element refers to creating a cavity between the insulating panel and the external foil at the design and executive level in order to always have continuous and constant ventilation and therefore have an air channeling that allows to guarantee inside of the building a pleasant microclimate and absolute comfort, allowing the building to breathe naturally, a very important element to avoid mold and various condensation, problems often encountered if instead only the traditional insulating coat is used.


In conclusion, the application of a ventilated facade to any building will also and above all guarantee a considerable economic saving due to a reduced consumption of 2 thirds of energy needed both for heating and for the internal cooling of the building in order to guarantee a healthy and excellent livability.


We await you for any clarification request.



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