Sheet metal cladding with custom micro-perforated decoration

23 April 2019

Sheet metals micro-perforated to the customer’s design are a new concept in the vast panorama of both outdoor and indoor architecture. This application is used for the metal claddings of not only external walls but also indoor galleries, showrooms, retail locations, hotels and hospitals. The sheets of metal normally build up a facade grid with different shapes and patterns, and thus enable a vast choice of graphic applications, to suit the wishes of architects and customers. At the latest edition of the Made Expò Fair, MPM exhibited in hall 2, displaying a vast assortment of metal claddings, including the new ventilated facades in backlit micro-perforated sheet metal with customised designs, as illustrated. This technique allows any image to be exported to a customised texture on the sheet metal, to accurately reproduce an image, logo or brand on the various panels, which may be either smooth or roll-bent. What makes this product special is that any facade can be customised to add prestige to its context, so it is unique on the world metal cladding or ventilated facade scene, since with this technique no two facades are the same. In fact, this is not a mass-produced product, and is custom-made for each project! This makes it a niche product, designed and developed for high-end customers and brands to ensure the utmost visibility and unrivalled appeal.

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