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MPM - The importance of communication and a Brand

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09 April 2021
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Today, communication is everything and is based on many different aspects and platforms. Marketing and promotion by leading companies of one product rather than another, always pass through the specific visual impact that reaches the final consumer directly. Think of television advertisements, for example, the commercial arrives and launches the message. Clear direct, however, lasts perhaps 30 seconds or so and reaches a certain number of users. In this regard, advertising on radio comes to mind, intuitive, and reaches every place, but having no images it does not have a direct impact, correlated by images to be associated with the product, therefore not highly incisive on the final consumer. Well, on the sidelines of these considerations, think of having a facade cladding of the Vs. company with an excellent presentation layout and with integrated Vs. logo, including a brand and a slogan. So just think of the commercial and marketing return generated only by the thousands of people who pass by and read the slogan and memorize the object of your choice with an unconditional reflection. business proposal. Well, it has been scientifically proven that it works, given that in a world that is always in a hurry (alas) having at hand the availability of one product rather than another always makes the difference and therefore directly opens a preferential lane to buy a well visible rather than one to be searched with other channels. We are waiting for any request for clarification. MPM

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