HPL ventilated facade supporting structures

21 May 2018

HPL ventilated facades:

MPM Marinaci Project Srl specialises in the design/production and installation of ventilated facades. In this specific section, we will discuss these in more depth.

The walls on which a ventilated facade can be installed must be self-supporting; otherwise, we can provide a dry metalwork structure to overcome this problem without any difficulty.

Normally these walls will be one of the following types:

  1. Reinforced concrete, generally found in prefabricated industrial sheds,
  2. Traditional brickwork,
  3. Metal structural work,
  4. Mass timber construction (e.g. XLAM).
  5. In case of earthquake-reinforcement renovation projects, to conceal the external metal bars which would otherwise remain unattractively in view.

Naturally, ventilated facades have huge potential in terms of function as well as appearance, with high energy savings!

Stay connected, the next article on functional properties will be published soon.

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