Facade bonus

10 August 2020

What is the facade bonus?

This Italian tax break enables taxpayers to write off against tax 90% of the cost of work done to repair or restore the external facades of existing buildings, of any category, including business and industrial premises. Buildings must be in zones classed as A or B under Ministerial Decree no. 1444/1968, or in zones classed as equivalent by regional laws or municipal building regulations. The bonus does not apply to doors or windows, but it does include balconies and ornamental features, and even just exterior cleaning or painting work. However, it does not apply to work done on the internal facades of buildings if these are not visible from roads or public land.

Who is eligible?

The tax-break is available to all taxpayers, even if not resident in Italy, who pay personal or corporate income tax and possess the building concerned by any title. It is not available to people or companies whose only income is subject to separate or substitute taxes and not standard income tax.

What are the benefits?

90% of documented expenses incurred in 2020 and paid by bank or post office transfer can be deducted from taxes. The amount is deducted in 10 equal instalments over a 10-year period. There is no ceiling on the amount which can be spent or deducted.

Ventilated facade: energy benefits
Main technical data of the ventilated facade quoted:

  1. The ventilated facade offered guarantees a higher energy coefficient due to the increased thermal insulation provided by the package: high density mineral wool panel + breathable black Velcro layer + cavity + 2 mm aluminium sheet.
  2. Since the ventilated facade offered is in painted aluminium, and thus in a natural alloy, it lasts over time without any deterioration, meaning no maintenance or running costs, while all the energy saving benefits due to the reduction
    in the heating and cooling requirements of the building’s interior remain constant.
  3. The ventilated facade offered is a high-end product with attractive colours which last over time, and no
  4. All components of the ventilated facade offered are flame retardant.
  5. The ventilated facade offered guarantees the utmost versatility in both sizes and formats, giving the apartment building a new, innovative image.
  6. In addition to the energy benefits it provides and its high visual impact, the ventilated facade offered significantly increases the value of the property.
  7. The ventilated facade offered also provides excellent waterproofing of the underlying masonry, helping to keep it in optimal condition, since it is no longer subject to constant weathering.

The tax break is available to employees, the self-employed and businesses. Thetenants of rented properties are also eligible.

The list of works for which the facades bonus is granted in particularly wide, since the new 90% deduction applies to just cleaning or painting of external walls or balconies, or thermal insulation works if they involve at least 10% of the plasterwork.

In order to qualify for the 2020 facades bonus, taxpayers must pay by bank or post office transfer, using the special, more detailed, form, and for works which also affect the building’s thermal insulation, the ENEA (alternative energy authority) notification must be submitted within 90 days.

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