Aluminium facade claddings

29 June 2018

Aluminium claddings are intrinsically the most versatile, attractive and colourful, and their application will brighten up any location. Both solid and composite aluminium cladding panels give a truly original, futuristic, modern touch. Moreover, and very importantly, they have no impact on the environment.

Since aluminium is 100% recyclable and its durability over time is virtually unlimited, a cladding of this kind is a very far-sighted investment, as throughout its lifetime it will have no running, maintenance or other costs. This is one of the reasons why in recent decades a very large number of companies have opted for this facade solution, for both their office buildings and their production units, including industrial sheds, workshops and warehouses, with excellent results from every point of view. What’s more, the panels we use for constructing MPM MARINACI PROJECT aluminium claddings have an extra self-cleaning coating on the outer surface, to prevent them being dirtied by weather, smog, etc. The type of cladding I have discussed in this article is one of the very best available. MPM MARINACI PROJECT in section https://www.marinaciproject.com/en/gallery is always available to support you for all needs; you will find us at Camisano Vicentino, near Vicenza, Italy.

I’ll hand you over to the next article. Bye.

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