Metal structural works

Over its career in the design and realisation of construction and internal architecture products, MPM Marinaci Projects has achieved a high degree of success. Today, the company has impressive experience and professionalism in a variety of sectors, and is able to process structures in stainless steel and other metals for building types including industrial sheds, interlinked spatial structures, residential buildings, shopping centres, sports facilities, retractable or transparent roofs for public and leisure locations, car park construction, large walls and metal roofs. The company is also able to provide all the metal components needed for the construction of external frameworks and structures such as industrial sheds, beams, trusses and grids, and serves individual clients for the design of structures for depots, warehouses and enclosed premises in general, including prefabricated buildings, sheet metals, shelving systems, industrial shed roofs, panels, guttering, flashing and other metal fittings and claddings.