Design and realisation of outdoor and indoor metal claddings

MPM Marinaci Project is a company specialised in the metal claddings sector which supplies turnkey products, from the design to the installation of building roofs and coverings

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Ventilated aluminium facades in Padova

MPM Marinaci Project has been designing, manufacturing and laying breezy brazens, metal coatings and steel structures for construction for more than two decades. Founded as a small design studio, the Paduan company has also expanded its business to sectors such as metal scopes, industrial buffers, interior design and industrial renovations.
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Vieni a scoprire e toccare con mano i nostri prodotti! Puoi visitare lo showroom Marinaci Project presso la nostra sede di Vigonza (PD) e scegliere i migliori materiali per i tuoi rivestimenti e facciate.


Technological innovation allows a constant improvement of the efficiency and aesthetic characteristics of metal coatings. Follow the latest industry news with MPM.
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To become the established design and implementation company it is today, the MPM Marinaci Project has invested heavily in the technological research. In parallel with the growth towards new intervention techniques and innovative materials, the company has devoted considerable resources to staff training, whose professionality represents the added value of the business.
We always guarantee the highest quality on our services and products.
We carry out our projects with a look always to the future.
Our twenty years of experience is synonymous with the professionalism that distinguishes us.
Passion is the engine that allows us to make our customers' dreams come true.

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