Marinaci Project Management has been working for more than twenty years in the design, manufacture and construction of continuous façades and steel structures in Italy and Europe. Established in the nineties as a small design studio, the Padua company has thoroughly studied the developments and needs of the market to adapt its design and manufacturing activities to claddings and coverings. Today, it has expanded its user base also to metal carpentry, windows, shutters, and the restoration sectors. Availability of resources, collaboration and capillary supplies make it a highly specialized company in its own sector that aims to provide its customers with a set of timely or comprehensive services in the building and interior design sectors.
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To become the well-known design and construction company that it is today, Marinaci Project Management has invested heavily in technology to turn the design studio into a well-established production reality. Along with the growth towards new intervention techniques and materials, the company has invested considerable resources on the training of staff that it has progressively hired over the years and today represents the added value of the business. 
The expertise and experience gained by all the members of the company, from designers to skilled workers, allow the company to take orders from the most diverse customers and to boast more than 150 projects carried out including façades, public buildings, industrial complexes and infrastructures.
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At our site in viale Navigazione Interna 51 in Padua it is a good opportunity to look closely at some of the works carried out by the company's team of experts. 
The mix of projects that we can handle is potentially unlimited, in the light of the customizations that can be requested, the materials and combinations that you can choose. The showroom will give you a good idea the designers' ability to marry perfectly with the demands of end users.

Ventillated Façades

Ventilated walls are a particular type of perimeter coating characterized by non-adhesion of the outer coating to the buffer wall. The result is a natural air circulation in the cavity that assures thermal insulation.
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Composite aluminum panels have a sandwich structure made up of a synthetic central material covered by two low-thickness aluminum extruded laminates. They can be molded and assembled for uses in the building industry, architectural design and interior design, as well as the creation of billboards and stands, thanks to the excellent rendering, and also as a photographic print support.
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Coat insulation is a technique for thermal and sometimes acoustic insulation of the walls of a building. Thanks to the application of insulating material to the surface of the walls, thermal insulation is obtained from the outside, which contributes to lower heat dissipation in colder periods and to a lesser heating in the warmer ones. 
The technique is particularly suitable for the renovation of old buildings under modernization but is increasingly used in new buildings.   
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Integrated systems for continuous glass and aluminium façades offer a perfect combination of structural and aesthetic features. With this kind of solution you can get complex geometric shapes and do not give up on performance in terms of thermal insulation, weather resistance and energy saving. The company designs and installs glass façades of any geometry and typology, including the maintenance and modernization of the same.
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Marinaci Project Management can supply all the metal components needed for the realization of frames and external structures such as shapes, beams, crates and grids. The company is also available to the individual buyer for the design of storage, warehouse, prefabricated structures, with the production of sheet metal, shelving, sheds, panels, coatings and much more.
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